Jim Powell

To Whom It May Concern:

I first came to Westville Correctional Facility on August 13, 2004. And when I got here I was very nervous because this is my first time in prison. So I took it day by day, I moved to different dorms and saw all different types of people. Then finally, I moved to another dorm and I started working in the kitchen. While I moved to the kitchen, I was thinking about going to church and asked Brother Robinson about the Bible studies. So I went to a couple and then started going to church where I met these two people and we started having a prayer circle every morning before work and fellowship every night. (One night we prayed for certain things and we would fast). They prayed and when it was my turn, I prayed to the Lord and I asked for knowledge and wisdom.
Then I thanked the Lord for the gift because I had faith my prayer was already answered. So we continued our prayers and fellowship, and Brother Robinson was really teaching me a lot. Then my prayer was answered, John Dye came to our dorm and we had a Bible study. And the way Brother John put the words, which he read, I knew right then that God sent him to teach me the knowledge and wisdom that I prayed for. I gave my life to the Lord around December 1, 2004 and I was baptized on January 9, 2005. I am proud that Brother John was there on that day to witness the occasion. Even though the two guys that I first started with have moved on, Brother John is still with me. So I have no fear of him leaving because God sent him to teach me. So for those of you who are reading this, John Dye is truly a man of God. He is wise and has a lot to offer to those who seek. He has worked wonders with me and he has taught me to understand the Bible. So friends pay very close attention to what this man has to say, God bless you all. And John you are a blessing!!! Thank You!

Brother in Christ, Jim Powell





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