Matthew Rowlett

I arrived at Westville Correctional Facility on Tuesday December 7th, 2004. There was eight of us that day, some of us we’re new to prison life and didn’t know what to expect. To put it mildly, even scared. In this group with me was a man named Brother Ron. After we talked awhile I learned that Brother Ron was highly devoted to the Lord and the Bible. We started discussing our families and beliefs in the Bible. Needless to say I’m not as devoted as Brother Ron but I am trying to get there.
Brother Ron attended Brother John Dye’s Bible study on Friday night. He came back from the study and was elated. He told me that I really missed out on an excellent Bible study. He told me that Brother John really knows the Bible and that he knows how to relate them to today's world.
The next night I went to the Bible study. I got to meet Brother John Dye. As the study group progressed I was totally amazed. Brother John knows the Bible well. He definitely knows what the scriptures mean and how they relate to today’s world. He has given me the extra push that I needed to keep reading my Bible and to keep me focused on dedicating my life to the Lord.
I was starting to slip away from my daily routines of Reading the Bible and praying after I arrived here at RDC. Between Brother Ron and John I have gotten myself back on the Lord’s path. Which is where I need to be.

- Matthew Rowlett






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