Billy Loin


To Whom It May Concern:

I’d like to say what a wonderful blessing it has been to have met John Dye and to have him preach and explain the words of our Lord. I really wasn’t as deep into reading the Bible until I heard John explain the scriptures like he does. It seemed like everything he talked about reflected the things that was going on in my life with my girl, my family, my faith, and just becoming a stronger Christian. I’ve been incarcerated almost 5 ½ months now and it seemed the like only church meeting we had that really touched me was right before Easter, but that Pastor only came in once and then the Lord sent John Dye to ward 5. I have too say wow, I’d really like to hear him preach and talk about the Lord for a couple hours at a time like a full church sermon instead of just a fellowship type of situation, but it’s really all good though!
You know it seems like every morning I hear him speak it pulls me closer to my faith and it seems like it pulls my girl closer to me. That helps me a lot for the simple fact she’s really freaking out on me being in jail in the first place because of the case I have pending. I’d also like to add my girl and our three children and my mother have started going to church faithfully and love the feelings they get being around Christian folks. My girl is also in the process of overcoming a really bad drug problem, I know it’s hard on her our their alone. The Lord has found a way though to make us stronger through this, I just wish she could hear the word the way John Dye tells it. Thank you Jesus for blessing me so I can share these feelings I have and the lessons I have learned with my family! And for also sending John Dye our way to learn and appreciate the words of our Lord.

It’s really been a blessing all together to have met him in this type of situation in the first place! Thank you again Jesus, Amen





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