May 15, 2004

Terry Lee Hershberger Jr.

To John,

I could not stop thinking about all that you have said. About the time that I was in the work release how I prayed for God to send me someone to fellowship with. I was also thinking about the Bible study we had everyday. And how God worked in my life. Because, God brought me out of their. If God had not sent you I would be in their still. I remember the time God sent you the second time and I was praying that God would save me. And God saved me again, and you came and found me and told me that God gave you the church that you we're telling me about. Theirs a lot of things going on now, that I don’t know, how to put in words or writing. I really don’t know what to write but one thing I know. I went to where Larry work’s for a job interview and the manager was telling me that we should keep God out of the workplace and not to talk about it. He said, also that he goes to church, I really didn’t know what to say to him. But as I was walking back home I remember what you had said, we got to put God in everything. In work, in home, in our marriage, and in our friendships. Because without God we can do nothing. The next day I got to tell some people what the Lord has done for me. I got the job plus my mom road her bike from Bristol to see how I was doing. She left me with the bike to get back and forth to work or where I needed to go. I want to thank God for this, I know God is good.

P.S. John, I have been praying for you. I pray now that God would give you the strength to preach the word.

Love, Peace, Joy







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