May 15, 2004

Josh Parkin

To Whom It May Concern:

During my stay in the E.C.J, I have accepted Jesus as my savior. I got saved March 28, 2004. As I began studying the Bible, I found it hard to understand, (KJV) Then I met John Dye and was blessed for the way he explains the scriptures, and he encouraged me to get a N.I.V study Bible so I could have a better understanding on what I was reading.
Since we have started our Bible study in the mornings, John’s wisdom has encouraged me to learn more and dig deeper into the pages of the Bible. John is the best preacher I have ever heard, he explains God’s word so clear that I may understand it. John also has taught me not to worship earthly things in the flesh but to worship our God in heaven in everything I do.
I believe God put John in E.C.J. to teach, encourage and save some lives, and I am one of them. John has been an inspiration to me and others, I believe he is a blessing sent from above to help us all see the light. Not only has John helped me to understand the Bible better, but he also helped me to understand my purpose in life! Thank you John!

Yours Truly, Josh Parkin






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